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We are currently hiring Canadian and American certified ESL teachers!


  • TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certified
  • Native English-speaker with neutral accent
  • Accepted nationalities: Canada, USA
  • Online ESL teaching experience (minimum 6 months)


Register today to start building your Tutor Profile!

1.  Record a Self-Intro Video

Record a 2-minute self-intro video using your phone or the internal camera of any device. Be sure to record in a well-lit area with a neutral background. This is a very important step in the registration process because your video will become part of your Tutor Profile.  When recording, please remember that you are introducing yourself to potential students.

What do I say?

  • What is your first name?
  • What is your nationality?
  • Where do you currently live? (City and Country)
  • What are your teaching certifications?
  • What is your teaching experience: –  Online – In-Class – Abroad?
  • How do you engage students online?
  • Why would you be a great ESL teacher?

This is your chance to shine! Show your passion for teaching our language! Don’t be shy!

2.  Upload your Self-Intro Video to YouTube

3.  Paste the link in your profile

  • Paste the link into the Self-Intro video field. Please note: If you remove your video from YouTube after you paste the link, the link will be broken and your video will be unavailable to view. Choose your YouTube privacy settings carefully.


If you are approved, you will receive an email with login instructions to complete the remaining fields in your Tutor Profile.

Become A Fluency Tutor

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