Online Lesson Delivery Policy

Online Lesson Delivery Policy

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Fluency Tutors delivers online learning content for our Programs and Courses fully online. Lessons are delivered one-on-one or in small groups with a private tutor. Students are matched with a tutor based on the preferred day and time that lessons are requested.

Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning activities allow our tutors to connect live at the same time with students in a virtual classroom setting regardless of where they are located geographically.

Audio-Video Conferencing Tools

Zoom and Skype are the two main technologies integrated into our online sessions. Sessions are scheduled on-demand when it is convenient for students.

Learning Content

For our Grammar and IELTS prep training, a third-party Learning Management System called Off2Class, is used. This platform allows tutors to deliver consistent, quality English language learning content based on the language levels of each student.

For our CELPIP prep training, all instructor and student materials are provided by Paragon Testing Inc. which allows tutors to deliver consistent, quality training based on the needs of each student.

For our Fluency Kids program, access to teaching materials and resources are provided by our curriculum development team.


Fluency Tutors does not provide certificates to students upon completion of any of our programs or

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