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Fluency Tutors is based in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2017, we have become one of the fastest-growing online ESL companies in North America.

We deliver private English lessons online in virtual classrooms to STUDENTS of all ages and levels.  Our certified TUTORS are all native English speakers. They live in countries and time zones throughout the world. This means that YOU can schedule your lessons on any day and time.

With our private coaching and feedback, we can help YOU become fluent in English!

Programs & Courses



If this is your first time taking the CELPIP test, enroll in our 20-hour program and learn everything you need to help you succeed on test day!

CELPIP Express Program


If you've already taken the test and need to increase your score, it's time to PRACTICE with a certified CELPIP instructor. Get the score you need on test day!

English Grammar Course


If you need help with English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to improve your language proficiency, enroll in our Grammar Made Easy program.


If you need to know everything about the IELTS exam, our well-structured lessons with a certified IELTS instructor will help you succeed on exam day.

Learning Kid


Our program helps kids master the English language. Students who are part of our program get higher scores in school and English proficiency tests.

Business English


Each of the courses in our program include skills to help you become a more
business leader.



Proofreading and editing of written communications will help to preserve the
reputation of
your business.

International Relations


We can help you speak English to the world. Our International Relations program will prepare you to communicate with your international clients.

Our Team

Jacqueline Smith,
Founder & CEO

In January of 2017, I founded Fluency Tutors and began working with online English teachers throughout the world.
We help our students become fluent.

Brooke Bonilla

Brooke Bonilla,
Manager, Fluency Kids Program

I feel privileged to be a part of the Fluency Kids team. We provide innovative lessons that children will truly enjoy. We develop children into kinder citizens of the world.

Robyn Perritt,
Lesson Design and Development

I know that by helping students achieve fluency at an early age, we create future opportunities for them to connect with people globally, and travel the world.

Nathan Aday

Nathan Aday,
Math & Science Curriculum

I have expanded my knowledge of Math, Science, and language by studying in the US, China, and Singapore. We inspire kids to think deeply and ask questions.







Referral Program

If you refer a friend, you will get TWO free 30-minute lessons!
Your friend must purchase a minimum of 4 lessons.

Our Awards

April 2019 / 2020 Acquisition International awarded Fluency Tutors with the Canadian Business Award for “Best Online ESL Training Provider in Western Canada.”

2020/2021: Corporate LiveWire Canadian Prestige Award in the category of “English Learning Courses of the Year.”

March 2018 – Acquisition International awarded Fluency Tutors with the Business Excellence Award for “Best ESL Teacher Training Provider in Western Canada.”


Ahmad Abdallah
Ahmad Abdallah
Overall, it's an amazing establishment. It offers quick yet effective services. They are on time, helpful and honest when it comes to dealing with new customers. Honestly, it's worth the time and the investment. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing the CELPIP.
Jagdeep K Randhawa
Jagdeep K Randhawa
Brian Bohrson is one of the best tutors. He uses positive enforcements to make you feel confident about your skills. He is fairly easy to talk to and he makes sure that yours goals are met.
Debora Imafuko
Debora Imafuko
I highly recommend Fluency Tutors. The teacher was very helpful and gave me valuable insights that improve my English skills. It was so worthwhile!
Mahdi Tounsi
Mahdi Tounsi
Magdalena Galicki
Magdalena Galicki
Very helpful and patient. They customized my lessons which was a huge relief. I was very overwhelmed with the test and my tutor was able to calm down my nerves. Instructions were clear and easy to understand. My CELPIP speaking score was 11 due to their amazing help. I would highly recommend them!
Manju Hirani
Manju Hirani
Brian Bohrson is awesome. He is helpful and enthusiastic . Very patient and excellent teacher...Very dedicated. Very accommodating with his time. I passed CELPIP with high band in all 4 skills. Thank you Brian.
Lindsey Yoo
Lindsey Yoo
I found fluency tutors via googling CELPIP tutoring and I'm glad I found them! Before the class, I had 12/12/9/8 score. But in order to receive full score without deduction on my residency, I had to have all 10+. I had few classes with Brian to figure out how to elevate my writing and speaking score. I've learned a lot about the formula and structure of the test and that made me not only improve on my skills but also my anxiety! As you know it is a very stressful test and classes with Brian really helped me out to relax during my test! My final score was 12/12/10/11 which is exactly what I needed! If you are trying to have a good score on CELPIP then I cannot recommend enough!
Ayan Yeleuov
Ayan Yeleuov
Brian Bohrson is the best tutor, fluency tutors provide the best CELPIP preparation services, with help from Brian Bohrson I was able to practice both speaking and writing and it increased my confidence on a short notice, right before my CELPIP test.
Betty Lau
Betty Lau
The teacher is very kind and know how to teach my daughter English in an interesting way. My daughter enjoys having class with the teacher and in between classes she is more confident in speaking and using more different vocals that a native will use.
Xiaoli Zhao
Xiaoli Zhao
I took 12 celpip preparation lessons with Fluency Tutors since the end of July. I got so much confidence in speaking and writing with one of the teachers. They carefully corrected my writing errors and helped me finding the best ways to express my ideas through writing assignment. From the speaking lessons, I'm not only improved my speaking, but also learned some native communication skills which help me more understanding to speak in an appropriate way. I appreciate for their help!