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We deliver online English lessons to language learners around the world.

We are English language experts. Our tutors are certified, experienced native-English speakers. 

Our goal is to help you become fluent in the English language.

Choose the day and time for lessons and we will match you with a Fluency Tutor.

When you study with a Fluency Tutor, you get the personal attention you deserve. 

Start today with a free 15-minute consultation and learn more about the course that is right for you!

TOEFL Exam Prep

Our tutors focus on the exam skills you need to improve. We want you to achieve your target score and succeed on exam day!

CELPIP Test Prep

If you have to take the test again, you need to practice , 1-on-1 with a CELPIP expert. Get personal feedback - score higher on test day!

CELPIP Writing
Tasks Correction and Assessment

We will send you CELPIP Writing Tasks to be corrected and assessed by certified CELPIP experts!

IELTS Exam Prep

If you need to know everything about the IELTS exam, our well-structured lessons with a certified IELTS instructor will help you succeed on exam day.

English Grammar Course

Grammar Made

If you need help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to improve language proficiency, enroll in our Grammar Made Easy program.

written communications


The best way to improve your speaking skills is to practice with a native English-speaking tutor. Enroll in our Conversational English program and chat with a Fluency Tutor.

Business English

Business English

Each course in our program will help you develop the skills you need to become a professional business leader.

International Business Relations

Improve your business conversation skills with certified, experienced, professional tutors, fluent in the English lagauage.

Learning Kid

Fluency Kids

Our Fluency Kids program helps young learners master the English language, get better grades in school and score higher on language proficiency tests.

Meet the Fluency Team

Jacqueline Smith,
Founder & CEO

In 2017, I began my dream of building a community of certified English language teachers throughout the world. Our mission is to develop the hearts and minds of students of all ages and levels by helping them achieve their goal of English proficiency.

Judy Li,
Manager, Fluency Kids Program

I believe that learning a foreign language expands a child's view of the world. As part of the Fluency Kids team, my goal is to facilitate training that will help kids become fluent users of the English language.







Our Awards

April 2019 / 2020 Acquisition International awarded Fluency Tutors with the Canadian Business Award for “Best Online ESL Training Provider in Western Canada.”

2020/2021: Corporate LiveWire Canadian Prestige Award in the category of “English Learning Courses of the Year.”

March 2018 – Acquisition International awarded Fluency Tutors with the Business Excellence Award for “Best ESL Teacher Training Provider in Western Canada.”

Best of Vancouver

May 2022 – Nominated as one of the best English tutoring companies in Vancouver, Canada.