Partner With Us

Partner with Us

~ Our success lies in the attention we give to the needs of our partners ~


We work with international schools and language companies to deliver online lessons in English, Maths, Science, and other languages.  Our high-quality online lessons target the specific learning needs of each student that is crucial to scholastic success.  Our recruitment of tutors consists of a screening process to carefully select candidates who meet “global language teaching” standards. Our Fluency Tutors are professional, certified, and have experience in guiding students of all ages and levels to reach their English language goals. Our tutors all have access to a North American approved ESL learning platform.  Benefits include: faster acquisition of highly-skilled teachers and valuable savings in time and money

~  If you need professional, certified tutors, Fluency Tutors can help! ~


Our tutors are kind and caring with a passion for developing the minds of learners of all ages and levels. Each of them is a TESOL certified, a native-English speaker from Canada, the USA, and the UK.  They live in countries and time zones throughout the world which allows us to match students with a tutor who can provide on-demand lessons that are convenient and relevant to each of their learning needs.  Our TUTOR COMMUNITY consists of unique profiles which include the tutor’s self-intro video, certifications, and specialty. A 20-minute free Trial Lesson provides each new student the opportunity to meet their tutor, discuss their learning goals, and schedule regular lessons.

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