Tutor Profile

Tutor Profile

What is the Tutor Profile?

Once your registration has been approved, you will be sent an email notification to complete your profile. The fields of the Tutor Profile are searchable and conform to global hiring requirements for ESL teachers.  Each profile in our Tutor Community showcases our Tutors to partnering clients.  We specialize in matching our tutors to students.

Building your Profile

It is important to take the time to completely fill in each of the fields in your Tutor Profile.  Please pay attention to the links that appear as some provide a tip on what is required.  Some fields are unique and mandatory. Below are examples of a few:

  • Other Language(s):
  • Student Age Preference:
  • Upload your certifications:
  • ESL Teaching Experience:
  • Specialties:
  • Hourly Wage Expectation:
  • Availability Schedule:
  • Computer Operating System:
  • Speedtest Upload Result:
  • Speedtest Download Result:

Completing your Profile

Once you’ve filled in all fields, click Update Profile at the bottom and then scroll to the top of the page. If a notification appears this indicates a mandatory field has been missed. If a notification does not appear your profile can be considered complete.

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