CELPIP Writing Tasks Set 2

CELPIP Writing Tasks

Set 2:

Task 1: Write an Email

You are a professor at a university. One of your students has excellent ideas and studies hard.  However, this person is thinking about dropping out and finding a job instead of finishing university.

Write a 150-200 word email to your student.

  • Explain why this person is a good student.
  • Describe some disadvantages of dropping out.
  • Mention some advantages of finishing and graduating from university.

Task 2: Respond to a Survey

You live in a large apartment building.  The building owner is planning to improve the building by adding either a large multi-function room where residents could meet or have events or adding a fitness centre. The owner has asked for all residents in the building to complete an opinion survey.

Option A:  Multi-Function Room:  This room would have enough space to hold up to 80 people.

Option B:  Fitness Centre:  This room would be free to use by up to 12 residents at one time.

Write 150-200 words:

  • Choose the option that you prefer.
  •  Explain the reasons for your choice and why you prefer it.
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