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Gaby the Goose Storybook Program

Gaby the Goose Storybook Program


Give Your Child the Gift of Lifelong Learning

Learning a second language happens easily when children are at an age when they are most impressionable. Research has proven that social-emotional skills are crucial for children to excel both socially and academically.

“Dream big little one, the sky is not your limit.” ~ Unknown


Our Gaby The Goose Storybook Program (part of our Fluency Kids Program) is for children ages 3-10.  The main character in each of our stories is a Canada Goose named Gaby.  In our first series: Gaby Travels the World, there are 12 storybooks that follow Gaby as she travels to 11 countries, and learns 12 valuable life skills. Our goal is to open the hearts and minds of young children through story-based lessons so that they become “global children.” Our stories and lessons have been designed to teach valuable life skills that promote Social and Emotional LearningAs children listen to our stories, they are introduced to the English language through commonly used vocabulary.

  • Ages 2-6: Gaby the Goose Stories (up to 4 students per lesson).
  • Ages 4-10: Gaby the Goose Stories and Lessons (2 students per lesson for peer learning).
  • 30 or 60-minute online lessons via Zoom conferencing.
  • 4 learning activities per lesson – 10 minutes per activity.
  1. WARM-UP ACTIVITY: The teacher reads digital flashcards introducing the new vocabulary used in the story (image and pronunciation included) – Kids listen
  2. STORYTIME ACTIVITY: The teacher reads the story that is displayed on the screen – Kids listen
  3. WRAP-UP ACTIVITY:  Kids read digital flashcards to review the vocabulary used in the story – The teacher listens
  4. REVIEW ACTIVITY:  Teacher and students review the “life lesson” learned


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