CELPIP Writing Tasks Set 8

CELPIP Writing Tasks

Set 8:

Writing Task 1: Write an Email

You recently made reservations for dinner at a very famous and expensive restaurant. However, the meal and the service were terrible. The restaurant manager was not available to solve the problem, so you left without a resolution.

Write a 150-200 word email to the restaurant’s manager.

  • State what problems you had with the food you ordered.
  • Complain about the service.
  • Describe how you want the restaurant to resolve the problem.

Writing Task 2: Respond to a Survey

Your company is planning to allow some employees to work from home for up to three days each week. Your manager wants to know whether working from home would be suitable for you. 

Option A: Work from Home: you would like to work from home up to three days each week, and you think the job you do and your home situation make working from home possible.
Option B: Not working from Home: You would prefer to continue working at the office every day. You think the work you do and your home situation would make working from home hard.

Write 150-200 words

  • State which option you prefer and why.
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